Monday, July 02, 2007

My Canada Day

No, that's not me, that's a young lady who rides in the Canada Day parade every year with the same colourful enthusiasism. She's a ball of energy.

My Canada Day looks a lot like this. Each year, Dave & I go to my hometown and join in the festivities at our local park. Dave's the main volunteer photographer (ahem, I make a great assistant), so we always have lots of images.

Amidst the kids running, the band playing, the food circulating and people chatting, here's Dad. Unable to sit still. Ever the active volunteer.

And the horses ride on every year under a brilliant puffy-cloud blue sky.

My nephew Ethan waving from a float in the parade.

My nephew Nevan waving from another float (in the hockey helmut and white shirt). The theme of the parade is "A Portrait of Canada", can you tell?

My Mom presenting awards for various achievements.

Dave receiving recognition for this work as the volunteer photographer from our friend Marsha. Ha ha! He wasn't expecting it!

One of the Happy-Go-Lucky Fiddlers deep into performance mode.

And, our friend Joe. Deep in conversation with some other good folk.

And our friend Sadie, who wins the award for oldest citizen of the day again at 94 or 95 years of age! Sadie has more energy than Dave & I have combined.

Phew! A long, fun day that ended at 1am. It was a nice break from our usual Sunday plastering. We're still amazed by this tightly-knit community. We feel fortunate to be a part of it, because we know a lot of people have never experienced anything like it.

Happy Canada Day Weekend!


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