Wednesday, July 04, 2007

No longer in denial in suburbia

OK, so we built in the 'burbs. But, the land for many acres around us was all treed and resident free, so it didn't feel like suburbia. Not so much now. The lot to our South sold this spring and a two story colonial is already up. The lot to our north sold last week, and the chainsaw began last night. Thankfully, most folks leave lots of trees standing, but it still reduces our privacy and the feeling that we own more land than we actually do.

At Canada Day, we were fortunate enough to be the high bidder on a number of two and three year-old spruce trees in the annual silent auction. On Sunday, Mom and Dad helped us plant the spruces, plus a maple (yet to be identified properly), and about 50 white pine seedlings! We've already planted more than 100 trees including oak, sugar maple, white and yellow birches, spruce and cedar, so we're making good progress. It's the kind of work we wanted to do *after* construction is complete, but when the opportunity arises with trees, one can't turn them down. Now, if we can just keep deer and rabbits from feasting on our tasty little seedlings...


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