Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Preparing the land

In the fall, we spent a lot of time on our new land preparing it for building. The land was owned by a woodsman before us, so there was an unbelievable amount of "slash" (branches left behind), and ice storms had brought down many trees. My Dad & Mom spent a lot of time helping us through these months with Dad's chainsaw in full gear (not my favourite tool) to remove the debris. We enjoyed many fine picnics (ask me about spilling an entire meal on the ground, while surrounded by starving volunteers), and lots of laughs. We transplanted a lot of seedlings from the areas where the excavator would wage war - mostly cedar and spruce. Fortunately, we found homes for many young trees amongst friends and family as well.

Please note: I'm still new to this format and I haven't written html in the last 10 years, so I'm having trouble making multiple photos appear in the blog as I would like...I welcome assistance from anyone who knows how I can make that look better (besides using just one photo per posting).


Blogger Scott Holtzman said...

Did you get some answers to you photo posting problem?

If not I could give you some help via email.

We like what you’re doing, as we are looking for land ourselves for the eventual construction of straw. Best of luck!


8:25 AM  

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