Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Blogging has put me in touch with people I'd otherwise never know, simply because it tears down borders. A gal under the pseudonym StrawBoss posted comments over the past weeks, and I've since discovered that she is an owner-builder based in Arizona. She and her family have been through some of the same trials (sourcing materials, contractors etc.) and fun (in a good way) that we are experiencing. Check out the images of her desert home in progress to get a quick glimpse of what's ahead for us these next few months.

Alternatively, blogs suck up time, and invite unwanted visitors (spammers) as well. In a perfect world, one shouldn't have to moderate comments, but I keep receiving nasty spam.

Update on construction: The septic permit will be filed tomorrow, and hopefully we'll have our general building permit by Monday...

The lines of credit and mortgage papers are almost wrapped up and we'll begin digging the lot next week(!). This is starting to seem like fun again.


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