Friday, June 30, 2006

The timbers have been cut, the tongue & groove flooring is in the kiln, the electrical plan is roughly mapped out and the plans are off to an engineer to be stamped. At last! We can apply for a building permit next week. I will be blushing with shame when I take our application to the building inspector. *FIVE* months ago, I smugly told him, "You'll see it within a few weeks. We won't wait until the height of the building season to apply for our permit." Nooo, not us. ARGH. But, all this research and change will be worth it. Look for floor plans and elevations to be posted next week (We only have AUTOCAD drawings right now).

This weekend, we want to finalize our subcontracting details, get our driveway excavation underway, request new window quotes and clean up some things on the property. Tomorrow is July. Who knew we'd be so far behind? I'm confident we're still going to be able to get in before winter (Dave on the other hand...not so much). Of course, no one tells me I'm a realist these days. It's a coping method - what can I say?


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