Thursday, September 21, 2006

All in the Family

Ah, but blood is thick! There's no way to ever repay the amount of support and help we've received from family during the planning and construction of our house.

Mom has kept us fuelled throughout the project with amazing meals. Feeding and cleaning up after 25 people during the workshop with limited kitchen tools was an amazing feat, and her support continues.

Dad has worked tirelessly to ensure things keep moving, tools are in place, windows are installed and proper materials are purchased. His commitment hasn't stopped at the electrical installation, that's for certain.

Jozef, Krista and the kids keep popping in here and there despite heavy family and volunteer commitments.

Joe has even been engineering new straw bale tools. He built two PERSUADERS (the giant wooden hammers to beat bales into place) and designed a cobber's tool - though he's still at work on that one, and the finest pair of bale needs I've seen yet.

The Nyenhuis' have also sourced a number of free materials like steel barrels and palettes.

And the boys...well, boys will be boys....

Special thanks to my Aunt Jeanie for the surprise treats and meals and to my niece Val for cookies!


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