Saturday, August 26, 2006

Well Now

It was exciting to see the water gushing and the lime sludge oozing down the driveway, when Mike the Well Driller hit gold. It only took about three hours and he found the vein with the pressure we needed at 165 feet. Rumour had it that some of our neighbours' wells ran as deep as 450 ft, so we were sweating bullets for a while.

We worked late into the night last night staining our floor and laying out heavy palettes that will keep the straw off the damp ground. We're so thankful my brother-in-law and sister could join my Mom & Dad to help us this weekend. Everyone worked till their bones hurt.
I included this last picture of the well drilling rig because I'm fascinated by the idea that its front end was jacked up several feet in the area with what I assume is a hydraulic jack built into the front end of the truck. It's all new to me....


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