Thursday, October 05, 2006

Not House & Home magazine material...yet

A few photos to give you a glimpse of our progress this week:

Dad has finished shingling the front of the dormer. The roofers have finished that section of the roof now, so we'll be able to complete the sides soon as well. The soffits and fascia aren't in this photos, but they are complete on the dormer now.

Here's a glimpse of Gerald from Atlantic Post & Beam working on our soffits and fascia on the west side of the house. We still have some mudding to do up in the gable end and I am *so* not loving working high up on staging...especially when the wind gusts! We're considering keeping this side tarped for the winter for protection 'til we put the finish coat on in late Spring (until the wind shreds the tarps to bits).

This is the north side of the house taken during a very dark morning before I left for work. The roof is almost complete, except the section over the porch. We're anxious to get it complete to ensure our bales don't get soggy. For now, we've stapled tyvek there to prevent leaks. We've finished putting the last row of bales up under the porch rafters, but have to stuff them and put the first two layers of plaster on them.

A cropped glimpse of the east side of our house from under the tarps. You can see the completed soffits along the roofline. We still have some mudding to do on this end, though Mom and Carol Taylor made some more great progress yesterday, building off of the work Dave S., Carolyn & Erroll Hatfield and Frank & Kathy Rutherford did over the last two weeks. Dad has finished installing the arched-top door on this side, but I don't have a current photo.

And...the south side of our home. You can see the roof is pretty much done, and the solar panels are in place. The fireplace will have an "out" vent pipe on this side as well, but that's still to come. The mudding is pretty much done on this side for the winter. It remains well protected by the overhang and the low profile of the wall. Our garden doors have arrived (we have fortress-like plywood doors in for protection against the elements right now), and our porch entry door is also ready for installation. We'll wait until the subs bring in the materials for the stairs and the main plumbing fixtures before we install them.


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