Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Posts. And Beams. Hopefully.

Our designer, Peter Carr, commented recently that contractors are in high demand now, but in a few years the demand won't be so great. He's right. Economies change. Interest rates rise and fall. Those contractors who are providing poor service and low quality products in this economy are going to disappear when the demand decreases. Until then, we're in a market where the demand is incredibly high, so we're dealing with a boatload of companies who simply don't *need* to return our call. Argh. I know I'm repeating myself, but it's a very large, looming issue at the moment. How many times should I call? Will I completely tick the guy off (and they're all guys)? Do I need to start talking tough? (Everyone *knows* I can hold my own in terms of using profanity.) Should I lean on that crutch? Is it like every single time I've tried to buy a car: Should I get a MAN to call? Ah, forget it. Suck it up boys and call me back. Pronto.

On the bright side, we've found people like Peter Carr, who are responsive, professional and very skilled. I've known Peter from my hometown for many years, but didn't know until recently that he has designed thousands of homes of many different types around the world and continues to do so in his "retirement." I'll share the plans he has designed for us in a future post.

These are a few images from the homes we visited with the timber framer this Spring.

Several sub-contractors are still not in place, but we're scheduled to begin right away. The strawbale part of our home won't actually start until September because it takes several months to prepare the timberframe. Patience. Patience. Patience.

I wonder why I keep waking up at 2am?


Anonymous Carol & Bruce Stonehouse said...

We read with great interest and laughter Kara's Tuesday, June 6 entry on the
Stonehouse Straw House blog. Firstly, thanks for the links to our Feng Shui
and Stonehouse Art sites. It is very much appreciated.

In terms of getting the attention of the tradesmen, Kara needs to raise her
voice and convey the sentiment of high anxiety like 'I really, really need
your help, and if you help me this time I will see to it, etc., etc. Men are
generally responsive to 'fire fighting activities', so you need to be very
creative. And you can do it!

Keep up the good Blog work!

Mom & Dad

10:21 AM  

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