Friday, June 02, 2006

The Truck

Every new job brings its ups and downs. Dave's new job means some extraordinarily long hours. Since we carpool together into the city (about 45 mins each way), I've had to endure the "downs" with him. The "downs" sometimes amount to sixteen hour work days. As you can see, we've had to break our environmentally-friendly-economically-astute rules, and take on a second vehicle (We've become an insurance company's dream client). The ultimate truck. We picked this baby up from an old chap around the corner from our new site. It has a dent in the side of it that's approximately the same size as a small country in the former Soviet Union, and it *smells* like an old man who likes to repair vehicles and smokes from time to time. mmmmm. It's all part of the charm. So far it has trucked hundreds of pounds of concrete patio blocks, a new storage shed, and antique stained-glass windows for our new house. Not bad. I just hope you're not the one behind me inhaling the fumes.


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