Friday, July 28, 2006

Breaking News

After six+ months of design and contracting leg work, we have a building permit(!). Dave is so excited, I think he might be considering having it bronzed.

We've had a very positive experience with our building official in Quispamsis, and no issues with obtaining the building permit at all. The only snag that I will mention for anyone in NB who might be considering building, is that you need a septic permit from the Department of Public Health *before* the main building permit can be issued from your municipality. I assumed it came after, simply because all of the others come after the main one is issued (electrical, well etc.).

Another bonus this week: the new design of our home (no garage, no basement) made the permit $1,000 less than we originally expected. Whew! Big savings for small fish like us.

The electrical permit will be filed Monday morning, the power company comes in to put up a new pole, temporary service will be installed, excavation will begin, well drilling, plumbing, septic, etc. will then come in to play...and the race is on.

The photo, above, is of Mom & Dad Wiggins rowing in the new boat that Dad built this year, just off the shore of our current home.

On a final note for the day, our digital SLR camera is still not working, so we may be a little slow to obtain new photos now that we're relying on film. Who has time to get film developed these days? It's *so* last century.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I am just now starting my research on building a Straw Bale Home.

I am from NS and am elated that you have decided to blog your progress...

the pictures you have posted are beautiful...

keep blogging!

Deb Bradley

8:43 PM  

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