Friday, August 11, 2006

Feels like a snail's pace in a rat's race

My sense of humour has faded slightly with fatigue; Although something changes every day, it's not as quickly as I'd like. The foundation has still not been poured. The excavation ran a day or two later than I'd hoped, the plumber is several days later than I'd requested, and so the electrical and cement is delayed. *Argh.* I'm a home construction cliche. There's not a lot of breathing room, so I'm going to have to monitor this part a lot closer than I'd planned. It needs to be ready, so that the timber frame and roof will be complete before our workshops in a few weeks. On the positive side, all the subs seem to be on board so far, and I feel like we've made the right choices.

We've ordered the iron sulfate that we'll use to stain the slab floors from Cavendish-Agri in Salisbury, NB. Their price is much cheaper than ones we found online. Turns out that they're owned by JD Irving - it's good to keep it in the family. Once the slab has cured for about four days, we should be able to apply this stain.

Tomorrow, we'll need to pick out our metal roof colour and set up our account at the hardware store. We'll also begin to prepare meals for the workers that can be frozen for a few weeks. We'll look at setting up camping sites, eating areas, toilets, washing stations etc. The more we can get done in advance, the better.

Kudos to freecyle for some great finds this month. I have acquired a used fridge (which will work just fine until we can afford a new one), a dishwasher (for our cottage), and our patio stones. It's an amazing resource to acquire and discard things. It really helps in a pinch.


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