Monday, August 07, 2006

Power to the People

Well, at least there's power for Dave and me. Dad and his friend Donnie Stevens set up our temporary power service Friday night and the power commission is scheduled to install our permanent pole early this week.

Speaking of power, I attended an auction in LA (lower Apohaqui) with my folks at a neighbour's 200 yr-old field stone house. Talk about power! Holding that auction bidding card in my hand created the greatest adrenaline rush! The auctioneer was fast, and the people-watching was more than a little distracting, but amazing deals were had by all. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at everything the night before, thanks to our connections, or we might not have been as savvy as we were. I got a few dozen full-size pine boards for TWO DOLLARS, a just-like-new wheelbarrow full of tools and interesting what-nots for $25, a 7 ft high x 4 ft wide antique kitchen cupboard for $175 (it's beautiful - this was the big steal of the day), two antique iron light fixtures and two 30's glass lamps for $10 and a scythe for $3. It's like Christmas times two. I'm still excited two days after.

Yesterday, I spent the day cutting alders to use as external pins. ONE HUNDRED alders later, and I have enough. The folks came out and gave us a boost late last night and trimmed the limbs off them for us while Dave & I finished other chores. Phew! My arms still ache from so much hand-saw action. Today, our excavator is pulling stumps, moving top soil and leveling the site out. We're going down tonight to drop off some supplies and prepare a foundation of wooden palettes in anticipation of the farmer delivering our straw this week. We also have to assemble the tool shed, and a fenced in play area for the pooches to reside safely while we're building. Much to do, but this is the part I enjoy...rolling up the sleeves and getting some things done. No more paperwork!


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