Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cookin' with Gas

Now it's full speed ahead, Cap'n.

Ready for this? Here's a snapshot of what's going on: Bob the Plumber and Bob the Electrician have been busy putting in the rough pipes that go under the shallow frost slab. Bob the Builder, I mean Plumber, found digging in the compacted soil incredibly difficult, even with a pick axe. Mark the Excavator has leveled out the ground for the rigid foam insulation skirting the slab. Nader, the Post & Beam Guy, arrives tomorrow to place the foundation forms. Mark the Excavator will place sand, and the footing tubes for the veranda and then he'll break up the lime rock we need to remove (we're only breaking what we need to b.c it's so beautiful and we're keeping it all - except what my Mom pilfers for her garden - to incorporate it back into the site). Then Nader the Post & Beam Guy will place rebar and mesh within the slab forms. Friday, Bob the plumber returns to put in the radiant in-floor heating pipes. The slab will be poured Monday & Tuesday. Mike the Well Driller comes Thursday. The power company has installed our pole (we don't know their names), but still we have no temporary power hook up. (I'm told you can't rush these things). We switched our window order from single hung to casement-style for our clear-viewing and easy-cleaning pleasure. We picked out our metal roof colour (tan). We received the shipment of our floor stain (ferrous sulfate). We've been cooking meals ahead to put in the freezer. We've found a mortar mixer. We've nearly finished building a tool shed with the help of my folks. We've rented a port-a-potty (a must, but awkward to discuss) and have leveled a safe path whereby we'll use it. Now we're advertising our Labour Day Weekend Workshops, and are receiving registrations. Next up we need to test our clay soil content to prepare for plastering. We need to reconfirm our straw delivery date. We need to make arrangements for our solar thermal panel order and our air exchange unit. Building materials need to be ordered in bulk. Our dog-run area needs to be built. Our electrical and water need to be set up so we can use both in the trailer and on the site. PHEW! OK, this was an obnoxious posting for certain, but a good representation of the daily stream of consciousness I'm experiencing right now. Did I miss anything?


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