Thursday, August 09, 2007

The outside plaster is done!!

I know you'd expect some amazing photos of the exterior of our house with that kind of title, but the house is still covered in tarps to allow the lime plaster to dry slowly without cracking! In fact, we have to mist it two to three times a day for at least another week. The removal of tarps, or the "Grand Unveiling" as we like to call it, will be an exciting moment for us after living in a blue plastic covered house for many months.

Wicked high winds kept me awake last night as they whipped the tarps around, and brought in a cold, fall-like air. The fresh air will make a better working environment for our three crew members who have had to endure some very hot work days. Rob McLean of Straw Bale Projects in NS is still with us (Andy and Meg returned to NS for other obligations), Charles Trenholme has joined this week, and last night, Jacob L. arrived from Montreal. Jacob wants to learn how to build his own straw bale house, so he's spending a few days with Rob to learn the ropes. The guys are now working on plastering the interior gable ends. The end is in sight!

Once the plaster is done in the next couple of weeks, we'll stucco the interior walls, sand and oil our loft floors, acid stain our concrete floor and tidy up various finish jobs such as protecting the woodwork, cleaning up lime plaster splashes etc.

More pics to come!


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