Thursday, June 01, 2006

Christmas with the Thunder Bay Stonehouses

Over the holidays, we were thankful to have Mom & Dad Stonehouse with us. Carol & Bruce were instrumental in helping us develop our floor plans and elevations - probably because they've lived in so many homes themselves (Dave still seem unsure of where his "hometown" is) and have experience in building an unconventional house. A few years back, they built a log home just outside Thunder Bay. Log homes *seem* straight forward, but it sounds like they had similar problems with conventional builders not wanting to deal with something "different."

Here we are on the property (picture of Bruce, Carol & Dave) in the snow in late December. It was raining that day, so our tour was short, but sweet. Carol generously brought her dowsing tools with her (L-rods, I believe they're called) to check out the water situation on the lot, although we didn't have enough time to really delve into it. We've been unable to find a local dowser to date. Here's hoping the welldriller hits gold before 250 feet.


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