Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Visiting victims...

I say, "visiting victim" because my brother flew in from Edmonton, AB a few days ahead of his partner Lyndsay for a visit, and we managed to snag him into some hard labour. My father, ever the patriarch, even organized a family-wide work party on his first weekend here. Whoo hoo!

Outside of the few days of work as a family (that's when you know blood is thick!), we took a break from the house building to enjoy this rare visit. We ate like kings for the full 10 days, even managing a seafood/lobster feast for a full east coast experience.

My Dad, with assistance from my brother and brother-in-law, worked on shingling the dormer for several days. The weather was very cold and wet, and working on such a steep metal roof left them all bruised, miserably cold and stiff. It was also very slippery - even on the wood sheathing. I'm thankful they're done (as is my Dad!) and we're thrilled with the results of Dad's perfect shingling job.


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