Monday, December 03, 2007

A brief update in pics before we move in...

The soon-to-be new babe's room (10 weeks to go!). None of the main floor is finished yet.

Dave working the phone in the living/dining area with lots of junk piled 'round.

A partial, poorly photographed take of the kitchen. (Who has time for tripods and good composition when you're desperate to move in??)

One of our new fan fixtures installed in the loft.

The master bedroom with some wall scones still to be installed.

The west end of the loft (where we're currently sleeping). Possibly a spare bedroom or home office...or both. The debate is still on.

The east end of the loft to become our movie/reading room.

The dormer area in the loft and top of the stairs.

Dave hard at work scrubbing the concrete floors in preparation for the acid staining. Most our free time will be spent cleaning and taping off the walls and woodwork in preparation for acid staining...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It looks beautiful. I love the lofts, and the wall and wood colour and texture contrast.

8:44 AM  

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